Freshwater Radio

Freshwater Radio is a show hosted by Anish Tailor about society’s relationship to water in the Great Lakes basin.

The Backward River playlist

A music playlist curated by The Backward River team to inspire you to reclaim your water and reimagine a thriving Chicago Area Waterway System.

Freshwater Lab media
Freshwater Lab Logo

Watch videos, read articles, listen to podcasts and more created by Freshwater Lab members and affiliates

Gen Z Environmental Justice Leaders
Gen Z Environmental Justice Panel

Gen Z climate justice leaders heighten our awareness of the magnitude of the climate crisis and the burden thrusted upon local communities

In an on-air and online story, WBBM Newsradio talks to Rachel Havrelock

The Water Chronicles

A podcast hosted by Becky Lyons where we unearth people’s stories of their relationship with freshwater.

The River Speaks

Hear each branch of the Chicago River speak candidly about their personal experience and learn firsthand from the water about what life is like.

Moving Forward with the Chicago River

Rachel Havrelock, Citlalli Trujillo and Erika Chavez discuss the past, present and future of the Chicago River with MWRD Commissioner Eira L. Corral Sepúlveda

Militarizing Rivers
Militarizing Rivers Event on April 8, 2021

A conversation about engineered waterways and the crumbling infrastructure that transforms rivers into pipelines

Freshwater Media Festival
Freshwater Media Festival Dec 1 2020

Explore the politics of freshwater and reimagine its revolutionary potential

Reset WBEZ Chicago

Tristen Ortiz and Rachel Havrelock provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process for developing personas for each branch of the Chicago River

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